Discover the health benefits of tea and learn valuable tips and tricks to make the perfect cuppa.



Discover the world of tea. Our Master Tea Course will give you a deeper understanding for personal pleasure or on your way to becoming a Tea Sommelier.

Tea Terminology

Are you curious about how tea is identified and where it comes from? This is for you.


What Our Customers Are Saying

I just wanted to thank for the tea and samples to try.   I have tried the Echinacea and Lemon Meringue Tulsi and they are both excellent! Thank’s again -Aaron

Aaron M.

We have been buying tea from Tealicious for more than 10 years.
The tea products are the best we’ve ever had.
It has a wonderful flavour and aroma.
The owner, Nancy, is knowledgeable, helpful and very accommodating.
If possible she will deliver to our home.
Who can top that.?
Frank and Gail

Frank and Gail

White Peony tea

We serve an exclusive certified, caffeine-free herbal infusion created by Nancy Prokosh of Tealicious Tea Company. It is a magical mixture of mint and lavender and calms the senses and promotes well being. Our clients look forward to sipping on their cup of relaxation…we could not imagine operating our oasis without such an exclusive elixir.

Kathleen R.

Organic Imperial Vanilla

The organic black tea that Tealicious Tea Company sells beats all the others I have tried, hands down, but not only for making Kombucha, it is the nicest black tea I have ever tasted. The Ayurvedic blends, Vata and Pitta are AMAZINGLY good.  Nancy is helpful and has been an all-round great business person to deal with.

Audery L.


I have been a satisfied Tealicious Tea Company customer for over 7 years. Every tea flavour is exquisite! The tea is always fresh and the leaves are not dried out. The flavour is rich, and the smell is enough to make your mouth water. They have the best Vanilla Rooibos tea I’ve ever had and if mixed with Rooibos Earl Grey, it’s a flavour party in your mouth!

Natasha Rozner


I have always had friendly, excellent and prompt service from Tealicious Tea Company in the past combined with a high-quality product and an entertaining and informative website.

James Scott

White Peony tea

Tealicious Tea Company is absolutely the BEST for selection of delicious teas that you quite simply cannot get anywhere else. I have tried a number of the teas offered and have found them all to be tasty. If you can’t find a tea you love, your taste buds have died.

Heather Bruce


The Benefits of Drinking Tea

Science has proven that tea is a very good choice for your health.

The Government of Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have made it clear that tea is a very good choice for your health in a report completed on May 18, 2018. Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) has given its approval for tea as a natural health product and has officially recognized the benefits of drinking tea for its role in maintaining good health.

After years of extensive research, the NHPD has officially approved health claims for three types of tea. Black, Green and Oolong have all been recognized as a powerful source of antioxidants for maintaining good health.

Tea has been identified for increasing alertness and is further accredited as helping to promote cardiovascular health.