5 Magic Valentine’s Day Traditions.

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The inspiring ways Valentine’s Day can be shared.

The first Valentine’s Day was discovered in the the year 496! It originated as a Christian celebration to immortalize a martyr, who was declared a saint. St. Valentine was a clergyman during the Roman Empire who ministered to persecuted Christians.  His body was buried at a Christian cemetery near Ponte Milivio, which was north of Rome on February 14th. The Romans also celebrated the beginning of spring and proclaimed the festival Lupercalia.

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Valentine’ s Day is the one day a year that we stop, ponder and show love and appreciation to our sweethearts. Simple tokens of affection are roses, chocolates, love letters, and a romantic dinner. It is a time, when flowers are starting to sprout and love is in the air. Throughout the year, we are so attuned to work, family, and various other responsibilities, Valentine’s Day is the day we are to rekindle our love.

How the world celebrates Valentine’s Day.

It’s all about cultures and traditions. We will share the different ways that countries celebrate this heartwarming folklore.

South Korea

South Korean’s celebrate love on the 14th of every month, not just Valentine’s Day. These include May’s Rose Day, June’s Kiss Day, December’s Hug Day and April’s Black Day. South Korean’s truly value their “loved one”. They try to show their appreciation every month so their love will grow. It is also beneficial to have the children see the loving relationship, it adds stability.


The Argentinian’s love to celebrate this special day in February, but they also put one week aside in the month of July, where they honor “Sweetness Week”. They exchange kisses, and sweet treats, what a great idea!


France has been considered to be the most romantic city in the world. Love is everywhere, and you are most likely to find the alluring emotions in the heart of Paris. The city named St. Valentin, which is also known as “The city of love” celebrate it from the 12th to the 14th of February. Couples are seen holding hands, kissing, tree’s are covered in love notes, sweethearts are decked with roses, proposals are all around and a chance to plant your “love tree’. The love tree is a commitment to your partner that your love is enduring and is meant to be forever.


The Welsh are well known for their traditional famed woodwork. They celebrate love on January 25, which is known as St. Dwynwen’s Day. Wooden spoons known as “love spoons” are carved and exchanged between lovers. Each year a new spoon is carved which reflects the love that was shared during the previous year. It is taken very seriously and meant to be very sincere.


Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on the 14th of February. It is a time for new love to show their emotions to each other by exchanging cards, flowers, chocolates, roses and perhaps a proposal. It’s a romantic time when daffodils and tulips start to pop up and birds are starting to chirp. All across Canada, from P.E.I. to British Columbia, this special day is embraced.

Tea, a cup of love on Valentine’s Day.

Tea and love

For centuries tea has been used as a courting tool. During Queen Victoria’s era, tea was used as her “social ceremony” and became very popular during the later years of her reign. 

Today, there are so many blends and flavors that you are amazed at the choices available. We have some of the finest tea which is a perfect gift to your loved one.

Organic Chocolate and Caramel is a perfect choice for your sweetheart. It has just enough sweetness to tantalize them. Another great tea is Organic Bombay Chocolate Chai. Filled with unique spices, this one might excite them. An old time favorite of the Maritime’s is the Canadian Maple Fudge, it will truly arouse their traditional indulgence.

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