5 Spectacular Reasons To Love Peppermint Tea

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Peppermint tea can give you better health

peppermint tea
Peppermint tea is an ancient herbal remedy for many types of ailments

We all know about peppermint leaves, but do we know the true history? It is a perennial herb from the mint family. It is aromatic, has a very strong cooling scent with a pungent aftertaste. Leaves are often used as a culinary herb, the flowers are dried and used to flavor candy, desserts, and beverages. The plant is a hybrid and actually is a cross with watermint and spearmint These plants are grown mostly in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Peppermint is a versatile herb and been relied on for centuries as a healer. It is very easy to grow as it does not require tropical heat. There are many varieties of mint, the last count was 600 types, along with a wide range of flavors too, and was used by ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians as a remedy as there really were no doctors. It was not until the end of the 17th century that the value it offered was really understood. People were unable to afford or attend a dental mechanic and suffered from foul breath. Many covered up the distasteful odor by chewing on several sprigs.

Naturopaths and homeopaths are on a frenzy today. People do not want to go to the traditional physician as they are seeking alternative medicine. Small ailments can be remedied easily by using the natural herb peppermint.

1.   It reduces a cough

Peppermint can safely reduce a cough. It contains menthol, which is an organic compound.  Menthol also helps to numb nerve endings in the throat that become irritated by chronic coughing.   This may provide pain relief and reduce the urge to cough. This lovely herb also helps reduce congestion, plus, it’s been found to have antibacterial and antiviral qualities.

2.  It eases bloating and upset stomach issues. 

That’s right, do you suffer from upset stomach issues?  The mint helps to eleviate stomach pain and digestive problems by relaxing the gastric muscles. This action loosens cramps and relieves bloating and nausea. It helps  accumulated painful gas to pass both upward and downward through the tract, easing indigestion and upset stomach.

Take care of yourself and drink peppermint tea, your headache will disappear.

3.  Relieves tension headaches and migraines

Sipping on a cup of fresh peppermint tea is a popular natural remedy.  Menthol helps to decrease inflammation that can cause tension headaches and pain.  It usually offers a tingliing sensation that is very effective.  It contains no caffeine which should be sternly avoided.

4.  Perfect sleeping partner

This herb was used during the Medevil times to treat a poisonious snake bite and as a wound antiseptic. While steeping, the aroma calmed down the mind and help manage insomnia. It contains no caffeine, which should not be consumed if you suffer from sleep deprevation.  It helps relax the mind and puts you into a peaceful state.  

5.  Excellent breath freshener

An English physician by the name of Gilbertus Anglicus‘, suggested  the following procedure in order to prevent the “stinking of the mouth”:

If there be no rotten flesh, let the mouth be washed with wine that birch or mint has been soaked in. And let the gums be well rubbed with a rough linen cloth until they bleed. And let him eat marjoram, mint and parsley til they be well chewed. And let him rub well his teeth with the herbs he chewed and also his gums.

I absolutely LOVE a cuppa this healing drink.  It is magical with its many remedies and no matter what, it is guaranteed it will make you feel 100% better. 

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NancyNancy Prokosh I’m the owner and president of Tealicious Tea Company, and I have been in his industry for 20 years and consider myself to be a tea expert. I am close to many tea growers worldwide and LOVE keeping up with tea farming, and changes to the industry. I  practice Tai Chi, am an avid skier, continue in the education field and make some pretty good meals. I love sharing my business information and tips with others. 

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