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Build Your Immunity Naturally

Build Your Immunity Naturally

The human ability to cope with stress

Isn’t it amazing at how we are able to cope with unforeseen stress levels from finances to managing an unknown virus? While some stress is natural, unnecessary, excessive, and chronic stress takes a serious mental and physical toll.  So how can we avoid or learn to cope with all of the negative influences we are face with daily?  The best way to cope with certain stress levels is to build your immunity naturally.

Let’s get physical

Remember Oliva Newton John’s big music hit?  Well, there definitely is truth to her song.  Physical fitness helps build your immunity naturally.  Physical activity stimulates the release of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin.  These brain chemicals play an important part in regulating your mood.

Laugh out Loud (LOL)

LOL is not only used for internet slang, but it is also an emotional way to reduce stress and help promote relaxation.  It also helps with pain relief, builds a stronger immune system, and increases personal satisfaction.


Self-care allows you to put your needs first and others, second.  Much of the time we are too busy worrying about others like your job. partner, children, aging parents, and/or friends.  Listening to a good album, reading a wonderful novel, doing needlepoint will help to relax the busy mind.  Don’t feel guilty about taking time out for yourself.  After all, you matter the most.

A soothing drink

Finally, a hot cup of herbal tea always does the body wonders.  It tends to help you focus on the “now” moment and help to promote relaxation.  Herbal tea is the #1 choice in Asia to build your immunity naturally.  Like a kettle, stress can be placed on the stove and let it build away until you are ready to take it off.

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