It’s True: You Really Can Use Tea for Father’s Day and Here’s How

It’s True: You Really Can Use Tea for Father’s Day and Here’s How

June 3, 2019 Tea 0

Every year, I am guessing, most siblings are scratching their head to find the perfect gift for Father’s Day, and eventually, they run to Canadian Tire for that “once in a lifetime gift”. We all appreciate dear o’l dad, fixing that flat tire; unlocking our frozen car door; driving us to school; and even telling those awful jokes, so when Father’s Day comes along, we ought to him something he really deserves some great cooked food.  It does not need to be “gourmet” style, but something that is flavorful, unique and from the heart.

Father’s Day is in June, a nice warm and sunny month. It’s always a time when the family gets together and wants to share that special time.  Dads usually has a summer BBQ ready for some food to cook, so why not get him all fired up and prepare a gourmet meal.

Start off with this simple summer drink recipe to share with your adult family, it is so simple to make, and absolutely delicious to sip on. Then prepare this lovely green salad the ingredients along with the unique dressing will definitely be a winner.

The night before, you can purchase fresh pork chops; ribs; roast beef or burgers and rub your meat down so that the flavor can marinade it well because we guarantee it will melt in your mouth.  Make sure the grill or gas barbecue can preheat sufficiently so it is flaming hot. Since brown sugar is one of the ingredients it is crucial to know the meat is prone to scoring. Be careful that you rely on a meat thermometer to confirm the meat is done instead of relying on human instinct, that way you can avoid any food E.coli. Place aluminum foil under the grill for quick and easy clean up, we don’t want dad to get his hands dirty just because he thinks he must help cleaning.

After the dinner is over then it’s time to bring out the yummy desert, our black bean Assam brownies.  This amazing recipe has all of the ingredients that father’s love: chocolate chips, cocoa and strong black tea, he will be completely sold on your incredible efforts and will remember this special celebration forever.

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