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Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags ~ Which is Best?

Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags ~ Which is Best?

Despite the fact that the welcoming of the tea bag is relatively new, it has had a huge consequence in tea revenues in tea-producing areas around the globe. You may discover tea packages of various dimensions and tastes in just about any kind of store. They are convenient; however, any real tea lover will tell you that when considering buying tea, loose-leaf tea is the only way to go.

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose loose-leaf tea over tea bags every time.


Regarding flavour, loose-leaf rules. Tea bags contain what are known as fanning, or tea dust, which are packed into that small, restricted space. For the most desirable in flavour when it comes to tea, the water should have space to circulate around the leaves. Obviously, this may not be available in every tea variety, but in bag form, tea can sometimes be a little too cramped. The correct way in making loose-leaf tea is to let the leaves “swim”, meaning the more space it has to unfurl, and open, the better the flavour will be.

Also, many paper tea bags contain chlorine bleach.

Natural, certified, organic loose-leaf tea has not been contaminated.  Many tea farmers share a tea factory, where it is harvested, withered, rolled, and dried.


The health benefits of tea have been recognized for some time, but what many of us don’t realize is that it is the leaves we are referring to and not the tea itself that contains all the goodness. Loose-leaf tea leaves contain higher levels of antioxidants than tea leaves in a bag due to higher quality and less processing. Less processing and more antioxidants equal a much healthier drink.

So when buying tea online it is wise to choose loose-leaf varieties. Not only will they be better for you but you’ll notice a significant difference in the taste and freshness of the tea. The healthy aspects will practically leap out at you with each gorgeous sip!


This is one of those components that may or may not appeal to you when it comes to drinking tea. There is a lengthy and fabled record that has been absorbed for hundreds of years in all various areas of the globe, and you can bet it was the leaves as nature intended that designed this wealthy tradition.

There’s just something about preparing a pot of loose tea that evokes its long tradition and all those tea lovers that have come before us.

How to buy tea online

When buying tea online, make sure it is 100% organic. Some countries, like France, is notorious for having traces of pesticides in their teas. Research and extensive investigation into prominent tea companies such as Lipton and Kusmi have shown their teas contains as much as 17 different kinds of carcinogenic pesticides. The main reason for pesticides showing up in the teas is due to improper sorting of tea leaves, where weeds growing nearby that have been coated in carcinogenic pesticides are mixed in and contaminate the tea leaves.

You can be sure that this will never happen to our teas. All teas purchased through our website have gone through a rigorous testing by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and must comply with the Foods and Drugs Act and Regulations. We guarantee the quality and source of all our teas.

For more information or to contact us directly please fill out the contact form. You can also go to our shop to look for your favourite, healthful teas.

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