Our Sourcing Practices

Discover our innovative Direct Care Trade method

When Tealicious Tea Company was established in 2000, Fair Trade was crucial in championing ethical standards in the tea industry. While we were Fair Trade certified for several years, our interactions with farmers showed us that additional measures were necessary. We realized the importance of going above and beyond the Fair Trade certification to support our partners and promote ethical and sustainable trade practices.

Today, we are proud to emphasize our direct sourcing approach, which we refer to as Direct Care Trade. Unlike Fair Trade, Direct Care Trade goes beyond certification to establish a transparent and direct relationship between the producer and the buyer. Instead of relying on fixed minimum prices, Direct Care Trade involves negotiation based on factors such as quality and market demand. This approach allows for a more flexible and dynamic trade process that benefits both producers and buyers in a mutually beneficial manner.

Our sourcing strategy is focused on establishing a dynamic and adaptable approach that prioritizes trust to ensure safe working conditions and fair prices throughout the production process. By utilizing Direct Care Trade, we have been able to support significant development projects, including improved infrastructure and clean water initiatives for our suppliers and their families. This commitment enables us to foster sustainable relationships and promote a positive impact within our supply chain.

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