"Tea should be taken in solitude."

– C.S. Lewis


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  • Irish Organic Morning Breakfast Tea

    With an annual per-capita consumption of more than 3 kg, the Irish are still the world champions when it comes to drinking tea. They love very strong blends, which sometimes often contain a good portion of domestic whiskey. A deep dark infusion and a highly spicy and malty character – a definite must for each […]

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  • Organic Kensington Palace Royal Tea

    Imagine sitting in Kensington Gardens sipping on a cup of  Organic Kensington Palace Royal Tea?  Her Majesty does each morning.  The scent of the oil of bergamot and tiny jasmine blossoms will certainly make you feel like royalty! Ingredients:  Organic broken and full-leaf Assam black, organic jasmine blossoms, and oil of bergamot. Brewing method:  Boil […]

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  • Organic Masala Chai

    Masala Chai is in perfect harmony with the wonderful spices from India.

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  • Oriental Rose Organic Black Tea

    One of the best “classical scented teas” available.   The rose petals are layered between the tea leaves and left to ferment.  As a result, this traditional Chinese technique creates a sweet, full, and flowery taste. Ingredients: Organic black tea and handpicked rose petals. Brewing Method: Boil 8 ounces of water to 100C, add tea leaves, […]

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