"Tea should be taken in solitude."

– C.S. Lewis


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  • Heavenly Healing Organic Hibiscus

    A delightful caffeine-free drink, that is super refreshing.

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  • Nancy’s Comforting Chamomile

    This is a true calming classic.  Sweet, fresh, and light, this herbal infusion is the perfect way to relax before sleepy time. Nancy’s Comforting Chamomile is loaded with soothing properties and is a great healer for upset tummy or insomnia.  In conclusion, it is caffeine-free, sip on it before night time, and off to sleepy […]

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  • Waterfront Organic Wellness Tea

    We doubt there is another product that has so many different and wonderful flavors.  The cooling peppermint and spearmint are truly refreshing in our Waterfront Organic Wellness tea.  Add a few colorful rose petals, lavender, and an intense herbal blend is created.  Above all, this organic herbal tea is sweet and delicately aromatic. Ingredients: Organic […]

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  • Vata – Wind Ayurvedic Tea

    Create a Vata balance in your mind.

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