3-inch Mesh Tea Strainer


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Strainers have been the classic sidekick for tea drinkers. Imagine perfect afternoons with granny, her lovely old teapot, and the trusty tea strainer gracing the rim of your cup. Staring at the tiny leaves captured in the strainer, didn’t you ever wonder about the distant tea gardens they must’ve journeyed from? Oh how lovely!!

A 3-inch mesh tea strainer is perfect for making a perfect cup of tea. Tea preparation has never been this easy.  With dual folding handles design, it is safe to handle hot tea and water. Laser-cut technology fine mesh prevents loose tea from leaking from the infuser effectively. Made from food-grade 304 stainless steel, safe and durable.

  • Easy to use, fill and clean, no abnormal tastes. Perfect fit for most cups, mugs and small teapots
  • Eco-friendly



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