How I Learned The Right Tea Grading For Assam Tea
How I Learned The Right Tea Grading For Assam Tea

Find Out How To Buy The Best Assam Tea.

Right tea grading for Assam tea is explained by Saunam Bhattcharjee. Join us in our video with a tea grower from Assam. He comes from generations of long-time tea farmers. His knowledge and experience date back to when he was a young boy. Their farm was family-owned and as soon as he was able to walk, Saunam had tea chores that he must do. From that, he has become a wise tea grower. Assam tea is one of the most flavorful black teas grown and his long-term dedication has enabled him to master a successful farm.

His farm is located in Guwahati, India’s largest city. Guwahati grows the finest tea in the world. Farming in Assam is much different than what we know in North America. Jaguars, elephants, and lions, roam the land. It is very difficult to keep these animals away as this is where they live. Rivers of water are constantly being visited by the elephants, Indian one-horned rhinoceros, Bengal tigers, and water buffalo. That causes extreme problems with the wild animals as they need to roam the lands freely, and the farmers need to protect their estates.

Many of the tea pickers are women, and the fear of these animals wandering onto the land is frightening. All farms must have watchman available to intercede the safety of the tea pickers.

The elders in a tea farm are taught to educate the young men as one day, that will be their responsibility. Ancient ways of cultivating the leaves travel down throughout the generations. The Assamese believe if it worked for the elders, it will work for them.

Many tea farms are losing their original identity with so much of the modern farming machinery which has now become mandatory on may farms. They want to keep it the traditional way, handpicked leaves, and back-breaking management of the farm.

The tea industry has provided stable jobs for employes. It is common for pickers to start and end at one tea farm. They usually do not move as dedication is a number 1 priority. Revenue from the tea farms is the single most important factor. Unemployment in Assam is a huge problem, therefore once hired, most will stay.

Dive in and listen to Saunam’s valuable information on Assam tea. I am sure you will learn a wide range of useful information.

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