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Mini Bamboo Teaspoon


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Mini Bamboo Teaspoon

This teaspoon is perfect for when you don’t want a full cup of tea.  It works well for a 1/2 cup measurement.  Great for kids who love herbal tea, or for those who want to add only 1/2 of the yummy tea.

These cute hand-carved bamboo teaspoons are made in Kenya, Africa.  It provides year-round sustainable employment for the workers. The spoons are sealed to protect them from water damage and will not carry the odor of other products.

Try our big bamboo wooden teaspoon or perfect stainless steel tea-spoon, they both will deliver a great cuppa! The Kenyan’s say “Asante “, which means thank-you in Swahili.

The great benefits are:

  • Supports the workers by proving employment and income
  • Prevent zero deforestation
  • Reduction in carbon footprint

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