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Japan’s Genmaicha


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Japan’s Genmaicha means natural rice. This specialty is made from Bancha tea, to which approximately 50 % roasted or
popped rice grains have been added. The incomparable taste is characterized by the mildness of the Bancha tea and is ideally complemented by the pleasant, slightly sweet and nutty caramel note. Thanks to the low caffeine content and
the fine mildness, this tea can be consumed all day long. Also , green tea beginners can make this their first positive experience as it gives a rich umami mouth-feel. The Japanese prefer this tea for the afternoon hours.

Add 1 – 2 teaspoons of tea to boiled water with a temperature between 176-194 F or 80-90 c and steep for 2 minutes.

The great benefits are:

  • It will lower your cholesterol
  • Promote hair growth
  • May lower your risk of cancer

Ingredients:  Organic bancha, roasted and popped rice.

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