Join our Monthly Tea Tribe Experience

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Welcome to our  “Monthly Tea Tribe Experience“.  

Join us and learn to be an expert on tea, cupping, and pairing.  We will teach you the following:

  • Distinguishing the principal type and varieties of tea, and their correct method of preparation;
  • Recognizing the sensory characteristics of the different types of tea;
  • Evaluating tea quality;
  • Learn about the different types of tea, the correct storage of tea, and create a perfect cup of tea;
  • Knowing and select the necessary utensils for the tea service;
  • Directing cuppings and tasting;
  • Create a sensory experience of the act of drinking tea, and to be able to describe it;
  • The major health benefits of tea;
  • Darjeeling, the champagne of tea;
  • Tea and food pairing;
  • Tea and chocolate pairing;
  • Tea and cheese pairing;

The focus is on the culture, where tea is grown, and the cultivation of the land, which differs from country to country.