"Tea should be taken in solitude."

– C.S. Lewis


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  • Organic South African Red Rooibos

    High-quality Organic South African Rooibos can be identified by its ruby color. This wild grown drink has soft, sweet characteristics.  The aromatic taste will make a sweet cup of caffeine-free drink. Most importantly, the pointy leaves look like long needles. A blend to yearn for, not only during the summer months but cold winter season […]

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  • Organic South American Passion Fruit Rooibos

    South American Passionfruit Rooibos has a mouthwatering flavor.  It’s the refreshingly sweet wild combination that will definitely appeal to your palate.  One sip of this exhilarating infusion will be the coolest of summertime treats. Ingredients: Red rooibos, papaya, currants, passionflower, safflower, blue cornflower, and natural flavor. Brewing Method;  Add 1 -2 teaspoons of tea to […]

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  • Organic Spicy Herbal Chai

    Organic spicy herbal chai is an inspirational blend created in India.  With Ayurvedic influences, this caffeine-drink is bursting with spices from the East. Therefore, it works in perfect harmony with calming the mind and bringing peace to the body. In other words, we guarantee this will be your new favorite caffeine-free chai. Ingredients: Organic cinnamon, […]

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  • Organic Springtime Cherry Blossom

    Organic Springtime Cherry Blossom (sakura) is a deep part of  Japanese culture.   The blooming time of the cherry trees varies from year to year.  They open early in the spring showing their beautiful pink blossoms. The Japanese celebrate this time of the year with Hanami (cherry blossom viewings). Cherry blossoms are symbolic as they offer […]

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  • Organic Tai Kwan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy)

    This delightful oolong has a very long history. Grown in the Fujian Province, on a small family garden in Taiwan. Decades ago, Wei, swept and cleaned a local temple..  One evening he saw the goddess  Guanyin, she told him she was pleased with his work and dedication.  She told Wei there was a treasure behind […]

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  • Organic tea filters

    Best disposable tea filters on the planet.

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  • Organic Tranquility Herbal Tea

    A composition like a dream; wonderful, colourful flowers, herbs and fruit that already have a relaxing effect.

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  • Organic Very Berry Blueberry Tisane

    This fresh and gentle blend with a hint of hibiscus invites you to make it your all-day-long companion. The fruit mixture is combined to a tingling, refreshing joy for the palate with a level of acidity that does not impose on you. A smooth,  sweetly-aromatic blueberry rounds off the current, and apple flavor. You should […]

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  • Organic Winter Cranberry Herbal Tea

    Organic Winter Cranberry will warm you up when its cold outside.

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