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“Chai it Up” #1 Tantalizing Tea Pack


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Just “Chai It Up”,  and feel good with our #1 tantalizing tea pack.  That is why we created this little gem.  It has four selections that will fit your mood and the time of day your crave those yummy spices.

Our signature Organic Bombay Chocolate ChaiOrganic Madagascar Chai, Organic Masala Chai, and Organic Spicy Herbal Chai will surrender its warming opulence. These lively and spicy classic’s promises a pleasant feeling in your belly. The intensity of the spices lingers on and reminds you of this perfect pleasure for a long time.

It comes packed it in our signature, eco-friendly black gift box along with a porcelain tea caddy, and eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable paper tea filters.



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