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Zoopy Tea Strainer

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Zoopy Tea Strainer

Have you ever heard of a Zoopy Tea Strainer? This one is not only cute to look at but also does a fantastic job of straining the tea.  It does not let any tea pieces sneak out, and it is “drip dry”, no need to wash. You can take it anywhere with you as it is made from silicone.  It does not carry the flavor so you can put green, black, chai, or fruit tea in it without transferring the flavor.  You can tuck this little gem in your bag and off you go.  Great for work too!

The great benefits are:

  • Easy to rinse and drip dry
  • Great for work or travel
  • Withstands extremely high heat

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1 review for Zoopy Tea Strainer

  1. Kelly Romone

    This is the cutest way to steep tea! You put the tea in and let it steep, take it out, and you have a perfect cup of tea. You just empty out the steeped leaves, rinse, and dry. IIts so handy and portable to take on travel. I love Zoopy!

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