Tea Master Course

Tea Master Course


Who Can Benefit from this Course?

Our Tea Master Course Level 1 is ideal for those who wish to learn and discover the world of tea, either for personal or professional use.

If you work in the retail tea industry, catering and/or tea hospitality and restaurant service staff who are new to tea, this course is for you. It’s also great for chefs, pastry chefs, wine sommeliers, baristas, mixologists, bartenders and nutritionists. This course is wonderful for tea lovers too. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of tea, allowing you to make informed choices when purchasing and preparing tea, either for yourself or friends and family. Upon completion of Tea Master Course Level 1, you’ll have gained a deeper understanding and be more confident when discussing and presenting various types, aromas and flavours of tea.

Whether you are new to the tea industry or are contemplating a career as a Certified Tea Sommelier this world class tea course is for you.



Upcoming Classes

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