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Tea-riffic Ways to Prevent Summertime Blues

Tea-riffic Ways to Prevent Summertime Blues

Warm summer heat, wide open beaches, and time with family is usually the happiest time of the year.  Yet, many of us find it alarming with children out of school, relatives visiting, and work overload.  To avoid filling overwhelmed, you need to set boundaries, such as an escape plan.  This plan must focus on your well-being, which can be simply feelings of inner peace.

Feelings of peace can be found in many ways especially from the tapestry of cultures from around the world.

Japan practices Shinrin-yoku, which is known as forest bathing.  It allows one to connect with nature as you walk, with a peaceful mind, embracing the moment.

China, Egypt and Vietnam practice the ritual of cupping.  This is done by using very small glass cups or bamboo jars.  The cups or jars are heated to create a suction.  The cups are placed on the back and neck region releasing tension, minor pain and offers the deep feeling of relaxation.

Tibet is known for it’s healing remedies from the singing bowl.  The sound from the bowl create various vibrations, which reduce tension, and provide feelings of wellness and contentment.

A common denominator that each of these countries share is tea.  Tea has been a staple drink for centuries and it has been used in many religious events due to the calming and relaxation feeling it offers.

Tea is a healer when life is hectic, especially during summer.  Even making a pot of tea is considered to be a ritual, which brings, peace and a feeling of euphoria.  So, when the summer blues arrive, and you are feeling overwhelmed, it is always a good time to sip on a cup of tea, your body will truly appreciate it!

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