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Linda Priston

Tealicious Tea Company is absolutely the BEST for selection of delicious teas that you quite simply cannot get anywhere else. I have tried a number of the teas offered and have found them all to be tasty. If you can't find a tea you love, your taste buds have died.

Heather Bruce

I have always had friendly, excellent and prompt service from Tealicious Tea Company in the past combined with a high-quality product and an entertaining and informative website.

James Scott

I have been a satisfied Tealicious Tea Company customer for over 7 years. Every tea flavour is exquisite! The tea is always fresh and the leaves are not dried out. The flavour is rich, and the smell is enough to make your mouth water. They have the best Vanilla Rooibos tea I've ever had and if mixed with Rooibos Earl Grey, it's a flavour party in your mouth!

Natasha Rozner

We Are The Best

Nancy Prokosh
Nancy Prokosh