The World Health Organization has finally confirmed #COVID-19 as a pandemic, but should that change your everyday life?
The answer is yes, to a degree. The concern about the trajectory of the disease is of great concern across the globe, but you can take care of yourself.
From birth, we were born quiet, only wanting to be fed and #nurtured. External things were not considered important, today though, situations are much different.
The threats are serious, you could lose your #job or it can affect your #business.  It is good timing now, to shut down and relax from the coronavirus pandemic.
Herbal tea is your best way to stay #calm and be still until this outbreak settles down.  Organic #lavender
herbal tea will do wonders for one’s emotions, it is a natural way to calm the mind and brings relaxation to the body.
Our #Tranquility tea is amazing in its ability to control #anxiety.  It tastes fantastic and grounds your mind from racing to places that it should not be.
For now, we have low outbreaks, we ask you to take life easy and be mindful.
Our suggestion to overcome the unknown is to sit back, chill out, and not worry about the World Health Organization and their speculation.
Be you, relax and drink herbal tea. It warms you up, calms the mind, is considered a healing drink and brings wellness. We have lots of herbal tea to choose from, order yours today.
If you would like to try a sample let us know, we are always happy to deliver.
Remember-Be calm, drink on-TEA!
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