Spring is here and so is the #COVID-19, which is also known as the Coronavirus.  We must be mindful of the new way of life, and also the modern rules of #jogging, #exercise, and #tea.

There is nothing better than joining a group of joggers, socializing and getting that run in, we feel better, our adrenaline is pumping and life is good.  Unfortunately, we do not know enough about the #pandemic to go to #Runner’s Den or #The Running Room at this time as there is far too much of the unknown.

Get those sneakers on

Running or jogging is a great way to get your #motivation up and allow the time for flexible #training.  You can start off slow and gradually increase your kilometers to reach your desired stride.  There is on-line coaching which allows their knowledge to influence your training plan.

Jogging is a form of exercise

Many non-joggers or runners consider “jogging” separate then real exercise-WRONG!  Jogging is a form of deep exercise, it is just different from the traditional freestyle weights like #Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous bodybuilder used. You can really fine-tune your body into a temple of fitness by practicing jogging on a constant basis.

Tea works in harmony with jogging

Tea is the most powerful and #immune-boosting drink you can sip on.  It is pleasant, great-tasting and helps fight off disease.  #Herbal tea is the most amazing. and healing drinks possible.  It can fix depression, anxiety, stress, dehydration, and helps with insomnia.

#Chamomile is a traditional caffeine-free herbal tea. It has been used for centuries as healing medicine.  It has been used to treat arthritis.  It is considered a great option as an anti-inflammatory and may help manage some chronic diseases.

Love yourself, and heal

Celebrate the healing powers of changing your lifestyle.  Although the Covid-19 is new and we are learning about it daily, jogging and running is an effective way to burn off the anxiety you may be feeling. Tea is also a historic healer, and even though we are keeping “#social distance“, remember to love yourself and moderate your stress by going for that run and hydrating by drinking a cuppa herbal tea, your body will love it!

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