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The Wave of Tea in India

The Wave of Tea in India

We are so lucky to have met Praveen Sirvi and his wife, Manju Kimari, the founders of TeaGardenia in Bangalore, India.

Tea is more than a beverage in India it is a way of life and for many, the only source of income.

Bangalore is situated in the southern capital city in Karnataka State.  It is India’s #1 high-tech industry, and also is the home of the magnificent parks and frolicsome nightlife.  Karnataka is known as the leading tea producer in India and has exported 232.92 million kilograms of tea in 1 year.

The climate is moderately humid with a hot temperature, perfect for growing tea.  The temperature reaches between 20 -33 degrees Celsius, which is an optimum temperature range as it can never increase to over 35 degrees Celsius or decrease to 10 degrees Celsius or else it will severely damage the tea plants.


Tea is becoming a more popular drink than ever before, in India, it is known as “the wave of tea” due to the increase.  Worldwide consumption is forecasted to reach 297 billion liters by 2021. Tea is the second most-consumed drink in the world after water.

Upon wanting to know more about what tea is consumed in India, and the quality that is available, I decided to ask Praveen and Manju if they could share their knowledge from the Far East and help educate the West.

Q: What made you decide to open a tea business In Bangalore, India?
A. I knew that the quality and freshness offered at most places were of very poor quality.  Also, the price was far too high to justify the quality.  Our aim was to provide fresh, unique teas such as Glenburn White Peony; Emperor White; Assam Golden Tips and Rose Delight Tea. Tea aficionados truly appreciate the exceptional flavor that we offer.

Q: Who is your tea supplier?
A. I have many suppliers from semi-local tea gardens, especially from the Darjeeling area.  My selection of tea consists of amazing and exclusively blended tea.  I try to focus on the Darjeeling and Assam region for the finest tea possible. My best sellers are Ayra Diamond Tips, Rohini Spring Blossom, and The Emperor White tea.

Q: Are you selling your tea online only or do you have a retail outlet?
A. No, I am selling online only as that seems to be the direction businesses are going.  It enables us to offer excellent shipping to our worldwide clients.

Q: Are the tea that you offer orthodox or CTC?
A. Our focus is mainly orthodox as we feel the flavor is more intense and far better quality.

Q: Are you moving towards more organically grown tea?
A. Yes, most of our tea is organically produced.  We feel it is better to provide organic tea to the consumer and restrict tea that is saturated with pesticides.  It is much better for one’s health.

Q: Do you find the market for organic tea is growing?
A. Yes, our tea sales have increased due to the organic factor.  People are becoming very sensitive to their health and organic tea does not cause as many allergies as non-organic.

As you can read, tea is a big industry that is forever growing.  It is helping small tea farms create sustainable farms, on millions of acres of prime agricultural land. Their goal is to improve the health of the forests, rivers, streams, and farmland. The wave of tea is expanding, so why not come on board and be a part of the global farming solution?

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