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Why was tea so popular during the Second World War?

How Tea Helped in Winning the War

Who drank tea and why?

I suppose you are thinking those men are not drinking anything else but a cuppa strong whiskey in order to help them get through the dark times of the Second World War? You are wrong.

It took more than six years of bitter fighting before the war ended, and over 45,000 brave men and women lost their lives.

The Führer (supreme leader) was named Adolf Hitler. He was obsessed that war was the only way to gain the necessary “Lebensraum,” or living space, for the German race to expand. His vision was to conquer Europe and rule the world.

The war went on for years. Battling forces swept through Belgium and the Netherlands in what was known as “blitzkrieg,” or lightning war. Most of Europe was under fire and the power of the Germans, was a force to be reckoned. Young men were killed, families were notified of their loved ones death, and others were living with MIA (Missing In Action). The fear was mighty, many of the soldiers were not old enough to even shave, they were hardly men, but mostly young lads, who wanted to defend their country.

My father was in the Second World War, his name was William John Prokosh. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces in his early 20’s, along with his brother Edward. They both knew their chance of survival was slim, however that did not stop them. My father’s job was to run point as a dispatch in order to make sure the road was clear for the soldiers. Tweet

His day were filled with fear, never knowing if he would come in contact with the Wehrmacht (German soldiers). No one knew whether there were survive from minute to minute, all they could do is hope.

Tea became the #1 choice.

That is where the magnificent tea leaf came into power, it was probably the most important “secret weaponTweet.

The British were well- known as “tea tootlers”, and Winston Churchill used that to his advantage. He ordered that all soldiers and sailors were to have tea in huge amounts, that is why tea became the most popular during the Second World War.


The morale of the military had become grim, and camaraderie had disappeared. Tea helped restore the moods of calmness and alertness. It reduced the relaincy of alcohol and prepared them for battle. The tea that was served in the morning was known as “Gunfire Tweet.

Assam tea was the chosen one

Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan tea were the top choice as they were the strongest and also kept the soldiers hydrated. Army tea became a part of the soldier’s kit. Soldier’s would spend “down-time” sipping lukewarm tea, singing songs and having a jovial time, each hoping their lives were spared.

The end of the war

Historians feel many lives were spared due to the awareness tea brought along with the camaraderie that was created during the bloodiest war ever. It is nice to know tea contributed to lives of yesteryear, we would never have known it would play such a huge part unless Winston Churchill did not declare it to be a necessity. Winston Churchill was probably the most powerful Prime Minister in all of England.

As we reflect, November 11th is a time for us to remember the brave soldiers and everyone involved in the Second World War. So many essential people worked effortlessly during the war, everyone stood together. Let’s be thankful we are strong and free.

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