"Tea should be taken in solitude."

– C.S. Lewis


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  • Organic Apple and Mango Mojito

    Organic Apple and Mango Mojito fruit tea blend are of the highest rank! Extra pieces of exotic diced apples and yummy orange peels form the base of this low in the acid blend. This already artful taste was further enhanced by a particularly sweet and fresh flavor combination.  A very delicious tea, which will outshine […]

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  • Organic Citrus Lemonade Tisane

    Organic Citrus Lemonade Tisane is your perfect summer drink. This sweet & tart drink shines bright with a medley of freshly squeezed lemon, lime, and orange peel.  Tangy, refreshing, and low in sugar.  This one is the top summertime winner.  Sip it chilled as an energizing citrus zinger. Ingredients:  Lemon peel, lime peel, orange peel, […]

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  • Organic Mango Rooibos

    A beautiful mixture of our organic rooibos and exotic fruity mango.

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  • Organic Peaceful Warrior Herbal Tea

    Learn to live as a Peaceful Warrior.  This herbal tea is absolutely flavorful.   A spicy, caffeine-free infusion.  Packed with healthy spices such as ginger, cloves, and cinnamon.  This drink will warm you up and reduce stress.  Find your quest for universal happiness. Ingredients: Hawthorn leaves, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, safflower, cardamom, and whole black peppercorn. Brewing […]

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  • Organic South African Red Rooibos

    High-quality Organic South African Rooibos can be identified by its ruby color. This wild grown drink has soft, sweet characteristics.  The aromatic taste will make a sweet cup of caffeine-free drink. Most importantly, the pointy leaves look like long needles. A blend to yearn for, not only during the summer months but cold winter season […]

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  • Organic South American Passion Fruit Rooibos

    South American Passionfruit Rooibos has a mouthwatering flavor.  It’s the refreshingly sweet wild combination that will definitely appeal to your palate.  One sip of this exhilarating infusion will be the coolest of summertime treats. Ingredients: Red rooibos, papaya, currants, passion flower, safflower, blue cornflower, and natural flavor. Brewing Method;  Add 1 -2 teaspoons of tea […]

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  • Organic Very Berry Blueberry

    This fresh and gentle blend with a hint of hibiscus invites you to make it your all-day-long companion. The fruit mixture is combined to a tingling, refreshing joy for the palate with a level of acidity that does not impose on you. A smooth,  sweetly-aromatic blueberry rounds off the current, and apple flavor. You should […]

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  • Waterfront Organic Wellness Tea

    We doubt there is another product that has so many different and wonderful flavors.  The cooling peppermint and spearmint are truly refreshing in our Waterfront Organic Wellness tea.  Add a few colorful rose petals, lavender, and an intense herbal blend is created.  Above all, this organic herbal tea is sweet and delicately aromatic. Ingredients: Organic […]

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  • Organic Mulled Herbal Wine Spice Tea

    Organic Mulled Wine Spice Herbal Tea is made specifically by our elves.

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