Sip with Confidence: Demystifying Organic Certification for Loose Leaf Tea

A selection of tea using sustainable and ethical harvesting

Experience the journey of tea with Tealicious Tea Company. Discover our carefully selected organic teas directly from growers. We are the leading tea importer in beautiful British Columbia, Canada crafted from the finest organic teas and botanicals, each blend has a unique story.

Tealicious Tea Company was created by founder Nancy Prokosh in 2000, Fair Trade was crucial in championing ethical standards in the tea industry. It reflects the company’s vision to develop tea blends that go beyond traditional tea in a teabag. We work at a therapeutic and holistic level. The blends created are to pay tribute to my Métis heritage, ancestry and age-old indigenous healing remedies.

Sustainable & Ethical Harvesting

We put passion and pride into the sourcing, harvesting and processing of nature’s tea. We source farms that only sell through Direct Care Trade. Unlike Fair Trade, Direct Care Trade goes beyond certification to establish a transparent and direct relationship between the producer and the buyer. Instead of relying on fixed minimum prices, Direct Care Trade involves negotiation based on factors such as quality and market demand. This approach allows for a more flexible and dynamic trade process that benefits both producers and buyers in a mutually beneficial manner. Our collaboration and partnerships with experienced harvesters and use of specialized methods not only provide a pure ingredient for maximum benefits but ensure that all steps are handled with social and environmental responsibility. Through Direct Care Trade, we’ve fostered meaningful development projects such as better infrastructure and clean water initiatives for our suppliers and their families. If our tea gardens are taken care of, we can rest assured that our harvesting will regenerate and grow back in just a few days making it one of the most sustainable plants in the world.

Research & Development

Research and Development laboratory in Sri Lanka

We are dedicated to science, research and maintaining the highest standards when it comes to ingredients, blending and wellness. The industry is saturated with products that make false claims and take shortcuts, so we take great pride in producing tea blends made ethically and authentically. Our mandate is to produce exceptional products.

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